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Google is Working on Adding Package Tracking to Search Results

Google is working on integrating package tracking into search results, allowing users to get information without visiting the carrier’s site.

People will be able to enter a tracking number into the Google search bar and find out the status of their order.

“People frequently come to Google Search looking to find information on the status of their packages. To make it easier to find, we have created a new package tracking feature that enables shipping companies to show people the status of their packages right on Search.“

While this feature looks like it could take traffic away from carrier’s websites, it’s important to note that inclusion is entirely voluntary. That means shipping companies have to opt-in in order to allow Google to surface their tracking information.

Shipping companies are invited to opt-in via an early adopters program. It’s available to all countries, so any shipping company can sign-up to be a part of this feature.

It will be interesting to see how many shipping companies end up getting involved. I’d wager they’d be giving up a significant amount of traffic if customers could get the information they need right from the SERPs.

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Google is Working on Adding Package Tracking to Search Results

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