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Announcements from Google I/O & More Digital Marketing News [PODCAST]

The team breaks down the search, shopping, and downright bizarre announcements from Google I/O. Plus, what Pinterest creators and brands should know about idea pins.

You don’t need to watch Google executives talk to a Paper Airplane to stay in the loop on everything that happened at Google I/O.

Join Marketing O’Clock hosts Jess Budde, Greg Finn, and Christine “Shep” Zirnheld as they break down what marketers need to know about the event.

Plus, more digital marketing news you may have missed this week.

Catch the episode on YouTube or your favorite podcast player!

Google I/O Shopping Announcements

Google made a number of ecommerce announcements at the event. First, Screenshots that are saved to Google Photos will be searchable with Lens, helping shoppers find relevant products within the photo.

Also announced, Chrome will start showing users their open shopping carts from ecommerce sites when they open a new tab.

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Google I/O Search Announcements

Google announced a new language model, LaMDA, which is trained on dialogue and, “could learn to talk about virtually anything” (especially paper airplanes). LaMDA does a better job of picking up on nuances in a conversation, specifically what Google calls “sensibleness.”

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Google also announced new technology called MUM, the Multitask Unified Model. MUM was developed to understand complex searches so fewer searches are required for people to get the information they need.

Idea Pins Launch on Pinterest

With idea pins, creators can record and edit videos with tools similar to those available for stories on other platforms like voiceover recordings, music, and interactive elements. These videos can link to a detail page with more details such as ingredient lists and step-by-step instructions.

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Take of the Week

Hillary Quinn thinks Google’s new technology is MUM-believable.


Andrea Cruz’s friendly reminder to pin your RSA assets.

Lightning Round

Our team is here to answer your burning digital marketing questions.

  • Who is rising and “Sheining”?
  • What does your Google Ads optimization score have to do with your bidding strategy?
  • When is YouTube rolling out Clips to more channels?
  • Where can you go to partake in Live Shopping Fridays?
  • Why is iOS 14.5 a bigger challenge for SMBs?
  • How can you hide likes on Instagram?

For more information on the stories from today’s show, head over to the Marketing O’Clock site. Be sure to subscribe to be notified of future episodes!

Featured Image Credit: Samantha Hanson, Cypress North

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Announcements from Google I/O & More Digital Marketing News [PODCAST]

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