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Google Introduces Tool for Identifying Annoying Ads on Your Site

Google has introduced a tool for publishers to help them identify how annoying and intrusive their site’s ads are.

The new tool, called Ad Experience Report, measures how well a site’s ads comply with the Better Ads Standards, which are determined by the Coalition for Better Ads. Publishers can also refer to Google’s new best practices guide.

Google’s Ad Experience Report displays screenshots and videos which specifically identify the annoying ad experiences on a site so publishers know what they need to fix.

The online advertising giant plans to continue its crusade against annoying ads by having Chrome automatically block them in early 2018. Specifically, Google will stop showing ads within Chrome that are not compliant with the Better Ads Standards.

In addition, later this year, Google will offer “Funding Choices” to publishers. This will give them the option to allow visitors to pay a fee to remove all ads on a site. Funding Choices is a measure by Google to thwart the use of ad blockers while helping publishers earn more money.

“We believe these changes will ensure all content creators, big and small, can continue to have a sustainable way to fund their work with online advertising.”

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Google Introduces Tool for Identifying Annoying Ads on Your Site

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