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Google Integrates With WooCommerce For Easy Product Uploads

All of WooCommerce’s 4.4 million merchants can now integrate their product inventory across Google in just a few clicks.

WooCommerce has launched an extension that allows all 4.4 million merchants to easily upload their product inventory to Google for free.

This integration with WooCommerce gives retailers of all sizes more ways to get discovered across Google surfaces such as Search, Shopping, Images, and YouTube.

With Google’s extension for WooCommerce, merchants can upload products to Google, create free listings and ad campaigns, review performance metrics, and more without leaving their dashboard.

Here’s more about the extension and what retailers can do with it.

Google Listings & Ads Extension For WooCommerce

WooCommerce retailers can now sync their store with Google to list products for free, run paid ads, and track performance.

The Google Listings & Ads extension focusing on accomplishing three main objective for retailers:

  • Connecting their store seamlessly with Google Merchant Center
  • Reaching online shoppers with free listings
  • Boosting store traffic and sales with Smart Shopping Campaigns

Connecting With Google Merchant Center

When a WooCommerce store is synced with Google Merchant Center, everything about the store and its products is available to customers when they search on a Google property.

Information is updated automatically when new products are added or old products are removed.

Creating Free Listings in Google

Google allows retailers to list products for free in the Shopping tab, which makes them eligible to appear in search results, image search results, and Gmail.

All in-stock products in Merchant Center are eligible to be served as free shopping listings across Google services.

Like regular search results, retailers can pay for ads if they want to be more visible in shopping listings, but it’s free to be included. Retailers can run free listings and paid ad campaigns at the same time.

Google reports that US advertisers running free listings and ads together have seen an average of over 50% increase in clicks and over 100% increase in impressions on both free listings and ads on the Shopping tab.

Stores are automatically opted into free listings. From there they can choose to run a paid Smart Shopping campaign.

Boosting Traffic & Visibility With Shopping Ads

Retailers can grow their business on Google with Smart Shopping campaigns. Ads can be created to promote products across Google Search, Shopping, YouTube, Gmail, and the Display Network.

Smart Shopping campaigns combine Google’s machine learning with automated bidding and ad placements to maximize conversion value and strategically display ads to people searching for products a retailer carries.

When WooCommerce retailers install the Google Ads & Listings extension they’ll have the option to connect their Google Ads account.

After connecting a Google Ads account, retailers can choose their budget and launch a campaign right from the WooCommerce dashboard.

WooCommerce recommends starting with the suggested minimum budget, which can adjusted at any time.

The dashboard will report on campaign analytics so retailers can see how their ads are performing.

See the Google Listings & Ads extension download page for more information.

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Google Integrates With WooCommerce For Easy Product Uploads

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