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Google Increases Government Lobbying by 57%, with $1.4 M in Q1

In Q1 2010, Google spent $1.4 million in lobbying money with the federal government bodies, which was an increase of 57% over $880,000 from Q1 2009. With the company having interests far beyond search, I’m expecting this lobbying spend to climb even more over the course of the year, as Google is getting more involved in FCC rulings, government programs and assistance in pressure on other governments with its global business growth… especially in China.

Here’s a rundown of some of the spending from the Associated Press :

  • Google tried to influence legislation intended to prevent U.S. technology companies from cooperating with repressive foreign governments that restrict free speech and violate human rights. [China]
  • Google also lobbied last quarter in favor of the FCC’s proposed “network neutrality” rules, which would require broadband providers to give equal treatment to all Internet traffic flowing over their networks. Although the big phone and cable TV companies oppose such regulations, Internet companies such as Google say rules are needed to prevent Internet access providers from favoring or discriminating against Web sites and services.
  • Google lobbied on the FCC’s national broadband plan, which lays out a roadmap for bringing affordable high-speed Internet access to all Americans, and on efforts to find more wireless spectrum for mobile broadband services.

In Q1 2010, the bulk of Google’s lobbying was spent on lobbying the Congress, the FCC, the Federal Trade Commission, the Commerce Department and the Justice Department.

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Google Increases Government Lobbying by 57%, with $1.4 M in Q1

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