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Google Homepage Personalized or Portal?

Google Homepage Personalized or Portal?

Many of you are already aware of Google’s new lab announcement, Personalize Your Homepage. It is very interesting that Google says nothing about “portal” in this announcement, at least I haven’t seen the word used much. It is more about “personalization” then “portal”. There are tons of opinions on that distinction at the various blogs around the Web, but this site is about uncovering the forum discussion.

For a quick recap of features and more, see Search Engine Watch and Search Engine Journal. So what are the folks in the forums buzzing about?

Cre8asite Forums thread, Bill makes a insightful comment, “As Yahoo! starts becoming more like google (, Google starts becoming more and more like yahoo!, looking like a portal site with these additions.”

WebmasterWorld already has two pages, and some of the comments include. “Google is losing it, they’ve now become MSN and Yahoo.” Shak says, “Superb Stuff Google…absolutely love it.” GoogleGuy replies, “Some people will enjoy having things all in one spot–different things for different folks, you know?”

SEO Chat Forums, the thread was named “Surprise (not!) Google portal cometh.” Followed up with a comment, “One of the best defenses against big bad Microsoft is a potent offense. Hit them before they can really hit you.”

DigitalPoint Forums thread is currently all positive, but I liked this post “Nice, can making it Yahoo style home page or portal.” I visited many of the other forums, either they don’t have a thread yet, or there is not anything currently substantial. Or I couldn’t find the thread.

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Google Homepage Personalized or Portal?

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