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New Google Personalized Homepage in Beta – Answer to My Yahoo!

New Google Personalized Homepage in Beta – Answer to My Yahoo!

Finally, Google has figured out a way to tie in all of their subscription services into one offering and has also given its users a reason to use Google’s personalized search. Directly from Google Factory Tour live, Luca Conti of Panedemia taken some slides about a new beta service which: Google’s personalized homepage. The Google personalized homepage is scheduled to be listed in Google Labs today, but here are some slides and previews.

Google personalized homepage is planned to give Google users instant access to Google News, GMail, Google Stock Quotes, Google Movies, Weather and Driving Directions. This could be seen as a move copying Yahoo’s successful My Yahoo pages, but Yahoo also took a page from the Google design book with the redeisgn of the new Yahoo Search. All in all, it’s a decent offering and it will probably only be a matter of time before Google adds RSS aggregation to the Google Personalized Homepage features. But where are the AdWords?

For more coverage of the Google Factory Tour, I recommend reading Andy Beal’s Search Engine Lowdown. Andy is blogging live from the event and his insight is more or less priceless:

“Coming live from the Googleplex, or at least the cafe at the Googleplex (those of you who have attended the Google Dances will know the room where they host the bands etc). Checked in at a parking lot across from the ‘plex (I guess they don’t want you door-dinging their sports cars) and picked up my name badge. Looks like more than a hundred people confirmed their attendance for today and judging by some of the name tags, this is pretty much a who’s who of technology writing.

I’ll be back with more details throughout the day. In the meantime, I’m going back to my bagel and coffee!”

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New Google Personalized Homepage in Beta – Answer to My Yahoo!

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