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Google Home Can Now Handle Up to Three Queries At a Time

Google Home is getting smarter as it now has the ability to perform up to three queries at a time.

Support for multiple queries was announced back at Google I/O, and the functionality is finally starting to go live this week.

To gain access users need to make sure their Google Home device is updated with the latest firmware.

Previously, Google Home only supported two queries at a time. Queries can involve fetching information from the web, as well as performing commands on connected smart home devices.

Any combination of up to three queries can be spoked to Google Home, as long as the word “and” is used between the queries.

For example, combined queries could sound like:

  • “What time is it, and what’s the weather, and what are my appointments for today?”
  • “Play music, and set volume to 4, and turn on the living room lights.”

According to Android Police, queries can now be spoken more naturally. Google Home previously understood multiple queries only if each of them was spoken as a complete command.

If a user wanted to turn off lights in multiple rooms, they would have had to say something like “turn off the lights in the bedroom and turn off the lights in the living room.”

Now, users can say something more natural, such as “turn off the lights in the bedroom and living room.”

To begin using multiple queries with Google Home, first update your device to the latest firmware using the Google Home app on your smartphone.

This feature is currently only available in English in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

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Google Home Can Now Handle Up to Three Queries At a Time

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