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Google Highlights Top 4th of July Search Trends

Google Highlights Top 4th of July Search Trends

Ahead of July 4th Google is highlighting the top search trends related to the US holiday.

Google is marking the occasion with resources such as an interactive Google Doodle, as well as a dedicated page in Google Trends.

Designed as a map of the United States, the interactive Google Doodle allows users to click through to discover the top recipes people are searching for in a particular state.

“In celebration of the holiday, feast your eyes on today’s delicious Doodle, which we launched a day early to encourage exploration as well as your own 4th of July menus! The interactive map “Foodle” features highly searched recipes over the last 12 months for each state/territory based on Google Trends data.”

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Tapping or clicking on various states will reveal information such as:

  • People in Michigan are most interested in goulash
  • Spaghetti squash is the most searched recipe in Colorado
  • US Virgin Islanders are searching for Johnny Cake recipes
  • Gumbo is the recipe of choice for searchers in Louisiana
  • Maine is most interested in classic American apple pie

The dedicated Google Trends page for searches related to July 4th contains information such as:

  • The top 4th of July questions
  • Top “how to” barbecue searches in the US
  • Top cities searching for fireworks
  • Top searched types of fireworks
  • Overall search interest in July 4th topics in the US
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According to the Google Trends page, searchers are most interested in July 4th fireworks by a considerable margin.

July 4th parties is a distant second when it comes to search interested, followed by “July 4th BBQ” and “July 4th travel.”

It’s interesting that Google waited until the day before July 4th to highlight this information. Although it may be something that search marketers are able to capitalize on at some point in the future.


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