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Google Gives Merchants New Insights Into Shopping Search Performance

Google's Search Console now provides ecommerce sites data on product listing performance across Google's shopping surfaces.

  • Google added merchant listing performance data to Search Console.
  • It shows metrics like impressions and clicks for product listings.
  • Helps online merchants optimize visibility in Google's shopping experiences.
Person holding smartphone with logo of product search platform Google Shopping on screen in front of website.

Google has introduced a feature in Search Console that allows merchants to track their product listings in the Google Search Image tab.

This expanded functionality can help businesses better understand their visibility across Google’s shopping experiences.

Where To Find ‘Merchant Listings Performance’ In Search Console

The new data is accessible through the “Performance” report under the “Google Search Image” tab.

From there, you can monitor the performance of your listings across various Google surfaces.

This includes information on impressions, clicks, and other key metrics related to your product showcases.

By integrating merchant listing performance into Search Console, businesses get a more comprehensive view of their product visibility to optimize their strategies accordingly.

Eligibility & Shopping Section In Search Console

To qualify for merchant listing reports, a website must be identified by Google as an online merchant primarily selling physical goods or services directly to consumers.

Affiliate sites or those that redirect users to other platforms for purchase completion are not considered eligible.

Once recognized as an online merchant, the Search Console will display a “Shopping” section in its navigation bar.

This dedicated area houses tools and reports tailored to shopping experiences, including:

  1. Product Snippet Rich Report: Providing insights into product snippet structured data on the site, enabling enhanced search result displays with visual elements like ratings and prices.
  2. Merchant Listing Rich Report: Offering analytics on merchant listing structured data enables more comprehensive search results, often appearing in carousels or knowledge panels.
  3. Shopping Tab Listings: Information and guidance on enabling products to appear in the dedicated Shopping tab within Google Search results.

Google’s automated systems determine a site’s eligibility as an online merchant based on the presence of structured data and other factors.

In Summary

This new feature in Google’s Search Console provides valuable information about the visibility of your product listings in search results.

You can use these insights to make changes and improve your products’ visibility so that more potential customers can find them.

Featured Image: T. Schneider/Shutterstock

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Google Gives Merchants New Insights Into Shopping Search Performance

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