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Google Gives Away Free Downloads of SketchUp

Google Gives Away Free Downloads of SketchUp

Google Gives Away Free Downloads of SketchUp

Via blogSEO, I learned that you can grab a free copy of Google SketchUp, “an easy-to-learn 3D modeling program whose few simple tools enable you to create 3D models of houses, sheds, decks, home additions, woodworking projects – even space ships.” Totally free, don’t have to register, and it’s really a fun, useful program for anyone who might be looking to do some remodeling or just tweak some house plans.

You might remember that Google bought SketchUp back in March; here’s a snip from the official Google blog:

“People see SketchUp and they love it. Now that we’re part of Google, how many of those ah-ha moments will happen every day? Already we’ve had hundreds of users create 3D content in SketchUp and place their models in Google Earth. (A free plug-in enables you to do this.) What will that virtual world look like when tens of thousands of users are doing the same?”

Well, with a free download, that last bit might actually come true. I plan on downloading SketchUp and letting my fifth grader play around with it.

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Wendy Boswell is the Editor for About Web Search and part of the New York Times Company.

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