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Google Gains Search Share, MySpace Making Waves

Google Gains Search Share, MySpace Making Waves

comScore Networks just released their monthly “State of the Search Engine Marketing Share” rankings which showed that in April Google continued to gain in its American search engine usage over its competition. Google gained in search market share for the ninth consecutive month and maintained its status as market leader with 43.1 percent of total U.S. based searches.

Yahoo is still in second place with 28.0 percent, and MSN ranked third with 12.9 percent. AOL and’s search network come in at 4th and 5th in the study but an important point of note is that site that is coming in at #6.

MySpace, the super cool, super hip social networking service owned by Murdoch’s NewsCorp / Fox Interactive accounted for 43 million search queries (0.6 percent share of the U.S. search market) in April.

With an active and loyal fanbase, MySpace search popularity is only destined to grow with the network as it expands from its music fan roots into video sharing, messaging, connecting and email.

Add a more prominent search box to the service, and their search popularity numbers have the potential to increase substantially. MySpace’s search feature is now a bit hidden, especially when compared to the centerpiece search box used by Yahoo.

By the way, MySpace search results serve Yahoo Search Marketing advertisements… in case you’re looking to target the MySpace crowd.

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Google Gains Search Share, MySpace Making Waves

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