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Google Fueling Technorati Blog Spamming : Wanda Nara Example

Today I was reading a post on BlackHatSEODiary about the continuous blog spamming of Technorati based upon the public publishing of their top searches.

The post discusses the scandalous Argentine model Wanda Nara hitting the Top Searches List at Technorati and how bloggers, especially sploggers (spam bloggers) are monitoring these search terms and instantly publishing posts which appear in the Technorati Tag pages for these terms, that is, if the site is tagged correctly for Technorati and the popular term (by linking to the Technorati tag page or when registering your blog with Technorati).

Wanda Nara

Just to check out a bit of history on Ms. Nara, I performed a search on Google for her name and guess what, the Technorati Tag page for Wanda Nara is #1 on Google!

Here’s how the trail runs:

  1. Millions of global users are searching on Google for ‘Wanda Nara’
  2. The #1 result is Technorati’s Wanda Nara page, since Technorati is an authority site publishing fresh content
  3. Users then click over to questionable blogs which are ‘spamming’ Technorati for the model’s name since it is currently a Top 3 Hot Search term

A vicious trail to the spamming of Technorati starts at Google, since Google has decided a page full of Splogs is the most relevant result to serve.

Hence, the power of social media and tagging in action. This is even more reason for search marketers to register sites & blogs with Technorati and make sure the sites are tagged correctly, as Technorati tag pages may be hitting the Google #1 result for your target audiences one day.

Update : And even more proof that Yahoo LOVES Netscape :

Wanda Nara Sex Tape

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Google Fueling Technorati Blog Spamming : Wanda Nara Example

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