Google Flights to Find Cheaper Fares, Give Reason for Delays

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Matt Southern
Matt Southern SEJ STAFF
Google Flights to Find Cheaper Fares, Give Reason for Delays

Google announced three updates to Google Flights that are all centered around keeping searchers more informed.

Google Flights will now inform searchers about even cheaper flights than what were surfaced before, and will start providing details about flight delays.

Basic Economy Air Fares

Now that more airlines are starting to offer “basic economy” fares, Google Flights will start to include those fares in search results. Google Flights will return basic economy fares from American, Delta, and United.

Flight Delays

Perhaps the only thing more aggravating than a flight delay is not knowing the reason why you’re now going to be running several hours late. Google Flights will start providing details about flight delays. That won’t make the flight delay any less inconvenient, but at least you’ll know what’s going on.

Delay Predictions

With Google Flights, travelers can potentially avoid delays altogether. It will now predict when a specific flight being searched for is likely to encounter a delay. Google says flight delays are predicted with 80% certainty, and are based on a combination of historical flight data and machine learning.

These updates are now available to everyone using

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