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Google Flagging Sites with Too Many Subdomains

Google Flagging Sites with Too Many Subdomains

Google Flagging Sites with Too Many Subdomains

In a post last week about Robert Scoble visiting the Google Plex and the Windows Live Writer blogging tool, Matt Cutts lent a hint that Google is monitoring and flagging sites which launch too many subdomains at one time. Seems that the Live Windows team is using sub domains for almost every new product they add to the product line (example:

So, for those of you who think that launching hundreds of subdomains from an authority site is a sure bet to long term high spammy rankings on Google, think again because Google is watching the sites using this technique.

From Matt’s post on the Matt Cutts Blog:

By the way, it looks like the primary issue with the Windows Live Writer blog was the large-scale migration from to about a month ago. We saw so many urls suddenly showing up on that it triggered a flag in our system which requires more trust in individual urls in order for them to rank (this is despite the crawl guys trying to increase our hostload thresholds and taking similar measures to make the migration go smoothly for Spaces). We cleared that flag, and things look much better now.

Hattip to Barry.

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Google Flagging Sites with Too Many Subdomains

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