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Google Examines Super Bowl Search Trends

Google Examines Super Bowl Search Trends

While there are dozens of holidays throughout the year, there are only a few that most Americans recognize consistently and enthusiastically: Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and — of course — Superbowl Sunday. As with every other holiday, the day of the “big game” is filled to brimming with excitement and traditions. Many of those traditions can be seen in a visible way on the search engines, where our trending tools and special reports tell us exactly what has heightened the interest of Steeler and Packers fans alike.

The Google Blog has a special entry for just this occasion, telling us a series of fun facts about football. Did you know that football sees more searches than any other sports, and that residents of Delaware and South Dakota are the top searchers? How about that Aaron Rodgers has beaten Lady Gaga in popularity throughout the U.S.? Of course, the cities where the teams are located see an even bigger explosion of growth. There are more Steelers searchers in Pittsburgh than there are searches for Obama, despite the recent State of the Union Address.

Here are some other fun facts Google has uncovered:

  • The “terrible towels” of the Steelers are being searched for more than the Packers’ Cheeseheads.
  • The last two years have shown that the most searched team also has the tendency to be the losing team. This year, the top searches are going to the Packers.
  • For the past four years, the performing artists of the half-time show have had their peak search volume during the game.
  • Certain food items, like “chicken wings,” double the searches during the time leading up to the Superbowl than they do at any other time of the year.

Google has a lot to say, but they’re certainly not taking sides in the outcome of the match; the company has major offices located in both Pittsburgh and Madison.

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Google Examines Super Bowl Search Trends

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