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Google Europe’s Top Search Engine

Google Europe’s Top Search Engine

Over 55 million Europeans use Google as their search engine of choice according to a report released by Nielsen/NetRatings. According to a BBC story ‘Google also enjoys the most number of pages viewed and the most amount of time spent on the site. Most search engines have only fleeting visits from surfers but Google is attracting users for more than 10 minutes per month.’

Top European Search Engines

* Google: Audience of 55 million
* MSN search: 27 million
* Yahoo search: 12 million
* Google image search: 10 million
* AOL search: 5 million
Source: Neilsen/NetRatings

Industry analysts however feel that Google, which has over 6 billion web pages and documents indexed, may also be seeing the effects of rising search engine competition from Yahoo and MSN not only in the US, but also in Europe. “Google’s dominance may appear unshakeable, but with some of the biggest brands on the internet developing rival search technologies, the next 18 months will prove crucial for this sector,” said Tom Ewing, European market analyst for Nielsen/NetRatings.

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Google Europe’s Top Search Engine

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