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6 Simple & Effective Google Display Network Tips

Leverage Google Display Network to catch customers while they're in action. Use these six tactics to reach a wider audience with GDN.

6 Keys to Winning the Google Display Network

Are you looking for ways to strengthen your marketing strategy and boost your brand’s digital presence?

Using Google display ads can be an incredible option for generating new leads, higher sales conversions, and boosting customer loyalty for your brand.

We first need to understand how the Google Display Network works and how it can benefit your business.

From there, we can create several tactics to receive a higher ROI on its services.

Here is an in-depth guide about what Google display ads are and how they can help you reach a wider audience.

Why the Display Network Is Worth Winning

The Google Display Network gives you an opportunity to catch customers while they’re in action.

Your brand can reach them as they are using different apps, devices, and websites. Google display ads help you target the right audience to create a higher return on investment for your brand.

The network uses several factors, such as images and deep linking, to build a better marketing network for your business.

So… why should you choose the Google Display Network?

Because it reaches more than 90% of all worldwide internet users.

In other words, that target audience of yours becomes significantly larger when using the Google network over others.

Going with Google also gives your ads access to more than 2 million websites and more than 650,000 mobile apps (and counting).

Your digital marketing initiatives need as much reach as possible to thrive, and Google is the only place where you can receive as much reach.

It’s simply the best, so that is where we as digital marketers focus most of our attention.

Bottom line: Google’s display ad network is worth more of your time than any other.

Ready to get the most out of your display network usage?

Here are six simple and effective GDN tips.

1. Get Started with Remarketing

Do you already have a certain cluster of target customers that you’ve been marketing to?


Now It’s time to remarket to them!

The more often you can get your brand in front of your target audience (both prospects and clients), the more likely it is that they’ll purchase your product.

Remarketing allows your brand to follow that customer around and present your company on the sites they visit most often.

To my mind, remarketing through display ads, as a first step, is a perfect example of working smarter, not harder.

You already know these users are interested in what you’re selling.

Remarketing can earn you conversions faster than any other digital marketing method, with only minimal effort from you.

Definitely attack this one before moving on to other techniques.

2. Use Managed Placements

As you know, all marketing initiatives are more productive when someone strategizes them according to data and insight.

To gain that kind of control over your display ads, you’ll need to use the managed placements feature. It allows you to direct your ads at certain websites where your clients visit more often.

This feature will give you more opportunities to target your marketplace if you’re already well-informed about where they spend the majority of their time.

For example, if you had a home decor company, you could use managed placements to get your ads on a popular home improvement blog site and earn more traffic that way.

3. Avoid Using Too Many Layers

Layering is a highly successful digital marketing tactic, but it needs to be done in due time.

You need to have firm data to define your layered targeting campaigns before doing so. Start by setting up an initial campaign or two to receive clicks and conversions.

Those clicks and conversions will grant you enough data to filter your layered targeting efforts on certain keywords and marketing areas.

4. Make Ads in All Formats

Have you ever seen an online advertisement that looked too big or too small for the advertising space that it was given?

It’s never a good look for a brand. It looks like they don’t know what they’re doing.

Even worse, if the website doesn’t support that ad format at all, then all the site visitors will see is a blank box with an “X” option in the top corner. Talk about a waste of money.

Make sure the ads you’re using are available in all formats. It’s a rookie move to get this wrong, but still, do not overlook it.

5. Keep Display Ads Straightforward

There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel or try to be too sneaky with the display ads you create.

Your target audience knows how the internet works. They expect to see ads that are directed toward them.

Recent research has shown that advertisements that are upfront about what they’re selling aren’t only more understood; they’re viewed more positively.

Upfront ads have also shown to be watched for their entirety more often than ads that try to be too “clever” with their pitches.

6. Test Your Google Display Ads

You can’t expect to pass an exam without studying for it.

You wouldn’t dive into a pool without knowing how to swim first.

The same thought process applies to your Google display ad campaigns.

Be sure to test all of your campaigns to gather insightful information and data on your target market.

As previously mentioned, you need only a few clicks and conversions to glean valuable data on which you can model your campaigns.

Closing Thoughts on Google Display Ads

As you can see, Google Display Ads are an essential piece to your digital marketing strategies.

When done right, they can deliver a return on your investment that can’t be matched in the online marketing world.

However, without a killer website to send your customers to, those Google display ad campaigns won’t convert well.

Be sure to combine all these strategies to ensure your Google Display Network ads will sell.

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6 Simple & Effective Google Display Network Tips

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