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Google Deprecates Old Keyword Planner, New Version is Now Complete

Google Deprecates Old Keyword Planner, New Version is Now Complete

Google is deprecating the old Keyword Planner this week as the new version is now finalized.

The new Keyword Planner launched in 2018 with the new Google Ads interface. It’s designed to be easy to navigate while offering new capabilities.

After a number of changes to the feature set and user experience, the new Keyword Planner is considered complete.

Google highlights the following features available in the new Keyword Planner:

  • Download trend data for individual keywords
  • Use up to 10 seed terms at a time
  • Get more granular competition ranking across keyword ideas
  • Save keyword ideas to existing campaigns
  • Get daily budget suggestions in the plan overview
  • Find the in-account status for uploaded keywords
  • View forecasts for all languages
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Another thing the new version does differently provides a report before users add new keywords to their accounts.

If you have not yet begun using the new Keyword Planner then now is the time to start. After this week it will be the only Keyword Planner.


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