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Google Definitions Goes Multilingual – More on Babelplex

Google Definitions Goes Multilingual – More on Babelplex

Google has added multilingual definitions to its Google Definitions offering. Previously only in English, Google Definitions now supports multiple languages (I do not have a list of them). Ideally, the tool will be offered in all international forms of Google.

More from Google Blog : Google Definitions is one example of how we work to make the world’s information more accessible: ask us what a word means, and we’ll try our best to get a good variety of definitions from all corners of the Web. So I’m happy to say that a handy feature just got handier; as of this week, Google Definitions is multilingual, and is indexing more sources than ever.

In other linguistic search news, Babelplex, the meta bilingual search engine, is now able to plug your bilingual query into any of 24 International editions of Google. The extension enables users to conduct their bilingual search via Google Argentina, Google Australia, Google Belgium, Google Brasil, Google Canada, Google Chile, Google Deutschland, Google Espana, Google France, Google India, Google Italia, Google Luxemburg, Google Mexico, Google New Zealand, Google Portugal, Google Schweiz, Google Singapore, Google U.K., Google U.S., Google Japan, and other various Asian Language Googles. (if that isn’t enough mentions of G**gle!)

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Google Definitions Goes Multilingual – More on Babelplex

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