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Google Continues to Display Quality Score Data Until October 10

It was reported last month Google will be returning null quality scores for new and underperforming keywords in AdWords as of September 12th. If you have logged in to your AdWords account lately you may have noticed you still have quality score information for new and underperforming keywords — and no, that’s not an accident.

Google has pushed the date back to October 10th. That’s the new date when Google will be taking away quality score information. Why push back the date? Google explains in a post on Google+:

”To give advertisers more time to review their reports, filters, rules, and scripts that rely on Quality Scores, null Quality Scores will now roll out the week of October 10th, 2016.”

With the way AdWords works right now, when a quality score cannot be determined, AdWords defaults to reporting a score of ‘6’. After October 10th you’ll start seeing dashes in place quality scores when you either add new keywords to a campaign, or have keywords in your campaign that do not have any recent activity.

For more information about quality scores and how they’re calculated, please see our article from a former Googler.

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Google Continues to Display Quality Score Data Until October 10

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