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Google Cloud Introduces Generative AI Support In Vertex AI

The latest update to Google's Vertex AI platform brings accessible and powerful generative AI models to a broader audience.

  • Google's Vertex AI now offers generative AI support, democratizing access to advanced models.
  • Users can leverage Google's PaLM API for various content generation tasks without technical hurdles.
  • Vertex AI aims to make AI technologies affordable for individuals and small businesses.

Google is rolling out an update to its cloud-based machine learning platform, Vertex AI, which brings support for generative capabilities.

This addition makes making advanced generative AI models accessible to individuals and businesses beyond the realm of data science and engineering.

Enabling Access To Advanced Generative AI Models

Generative AI support on Vertex AI provides users access to Google’s extensive generative AI models.

These models cover various content types, including text and chat, images, code, and text embeddings.

Vertex AI allows you to select the one that best suits specific use cases by categorizing the models based on their content generation capabilities.

One of the notable generative AI models is PaLM 2, a language model that drives the PaLM API.

PaLM 2 boasts improved multilingual, reasoning, and coding capabilities, empowering users to tackle language-based tasks more efficiently and accurately.

Leveraging The Power Of PaLM API

Vertex AI enables users to leverage the generative capabilities of Google’s PaLM API.

This API, powered by large language models (LLMs), generates text and code in response to natural language prompts.

It offers specialized features tailored to different use cases, which include the following:

  • The PaLM API for text is fine-tuned to excel in language tasks.
  • The PaLM API for chat is designed for multi-turn conversations.
  • The Text Embedding API generates vector embeddings for input text.
  • The Codey APIs include models for code generation, code completion suggestions, and code-related questions.

Democratizing AI: Accessibility & Simplicity

By adding generative capabilities to Vertex AI, Google aims to democratize the technology by making it available to more people.

The platform offers an intuitive interface, including Generative AI Studio, that you can use without extensive technical knowledge.

Generative AI Studio focuses on low-code implementation. This means that Google’s multimodal foundation models, including PaLM, Imagen, Codey, and Chirp, can be integrated into applications with a few lines of code.

Developers, even those without a background in machine learning, can leverage this technology without worrying about the complexities of provisioning storage and compute resources.

Cost-Effectiveness & Flexibility

While using Vertex AI involves costs, Google Cloud offers various pricing options and flexibility to accommodate different user needs.

This ensures that individuals or small businesses with limited resources won’t have substantial upfront investments.

In Summary

Google’s latest update to Vertex AI democratizes artificial intelligence by offering accessible and advanced generative models to a broader audience.

With its intuitive, low-code Generative AI Studio, the platform removes the technical barriers associated with AI, encouraging even non-tech-savvy individuals to take advantage of it.

Source: Google

Featured Image: Tada Images/Shutterstock

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Google Cloud Introduces Generative AI Support In Vertex AI

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