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Google Chrome at 120 Million DAU, Chrome OS Set for Mid-Year

Google Chrome at 120 Million DAU, Chrome OS Set for Mid-Year

There’s no doubt at all that Google is investing intensely in their Chrome web browser. Why? Well, it’s been described a lot of ways, but key factors include Chrome’s importance for services like SPDY, the ability to set web standards that Google services can then follow, and the opportunity to fine-tune up the technology for the Chrome Operating System. The line that stuck, though, is from CFO Patrick Pichette: “Everybody that uses Chrome is a guaranteed locked-in user.”

What does that term, “lock-in user,” mean? That’s a touch difficult to pinpoint, since it certainly doesn’t mean that users will definitely use Google’s search, email, or other features. After all, when you boot up the browser for the first time you’re prompted to choose your search engine of choice. Still, there are plenty of advantages offered to Chrome users who also use other Google services. Whether it’s those advantages drawing people to Chrome or Chrome drawing people to those specific services is tough to tell, but either way, Google Chrome has hit the benchmark of 120 million active users each day. That’s as many active users as the browser overall in December. The figure also represents a 30% total quarterly growth.

Chrome OS is the other big question on the minds of investors and Chrome enthusiasts (Chromites), and some have worried that recent statements may indicate a delay in product launch. Jeff Huber, SVP of Local, stated that Chrome OS would be launched “later this year,” which some read as meaning beyond the mid-point of 2011 (considering how close we are to that mid-point). However, a Google representative set the minds of the Chromites at ease by reiterating that a mid-2011 lauch is still in the cards.

[via Tech Crunch]


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