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Google Celebrates Star Wars Day With Search Console Easter Eggs

May the 4th be with those using Search Console this weekend. Google’s added Star Wars sounds, animations, and character messages.

When logging into Search Console you’ll immediately see a message about this weekend’s festivities.

Then simply click the C-3PO toggle button to activate the new experience.

Most of the additions are subtle, but you’ll be sure to notice the sound of lightsabers as you’re clicking through different reports.

Look closely at the search results performance report and you’ll see you can filter results by galaxy.

Unfortunately, Search Console only keeps the past 16 months worth of data. So data from “a long time ago” is not available.

When you run a URL through the inspection tool you’ll see a an animation pop up of X-Wings shooting at TIE Fighters.

As you click through different status messages in the Index Coverage report you’ll see messages from different Star Wars characters.

If a URL is ‘valid’ you’ll see a message from everyone’s favorite Sith lord saying “the force is strong with this one.”

If a URL returns a pesky error, then you’ll see a message from the pesky Gungan of Episode 1.

Those are all the Star Wars Easter eggs I’ve managed to find so far. They’ll be available in Search Console throughout the weekend.

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Google Celebrates Star Wars Day With Search Console Easter Eggs

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