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Google Can Now Remove AdSense Ads From Single Pages

Google has announced a couple of changes to its AdSense policies which will help ensure greater transparency for site owners. One of which is being able to implement policy actions at the page level.

Previously, violations of Google’s AdSense policies would result in ads being pulled from an entire site. Now, Google will only be removing ads from the specific pages containing AdSense violations. This will lead to fewer disruptions for publishers who rely on AdSense income.

The company says this policy change will allow it to act more quickly when it needs to remove ads from a publisher’s site. Site-level actions will still be used when needed, Google says. Repeated violations could still lead to being terminated from the AdSense program.

If an ad gets removed from your site and you wan’t to know why, Google has developed a new communication channel for that. There’s a new Policy Center for AdSense publishers which will house everything a publisher needs to know about policy violations.

The Policy Center will identify where the violation was found, and provide a set of step-by-step instructions for resolving the issue. Afterward, you can use the Policy Center to notify Google when your pages are ready for review.

The new Policy Center is said to be rolling out in a few weeks and is among the top requests for new features from AdSense publishers. Google says other Policy Centers like this one will be rolled out for other publisher platforms later this year.

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Google Can Now Remove AdSense Ads From Single Pages

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