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Google Calendar Can Now Assist With Planning Personal Goals

google calendar goals

As Google Calendar turns 10 years old today, an update to Calendar will see that Google’s scheduling software is now able to help you plan and find time for accomplishing personal goals.

Here’s how it works. Create a goal in your calendar that says something like “workout three times a week”. Then Google will look at what you currently have in your calendar and find the best fit for these three workouts of yours.

Adding a personal goal to your Google calendar is simple and easy to set up with only a few steps. For instance, if your goal is to work out more, Google will ask you how long do you want to work out for and what is the best time of day for you.

Google Calendar will also be able to automatically rearrange items if you have to schedule something over top of one of your personal goals. So if you don’t have time to work out tomorrow because a last-minute meeting came up, simply enter the meeting into Google calendar and it will find the next best time to fit that workout in

This is a learning feature; which means the more you use it the better Calendar will be able to accurately find times for your personal goals in the future. By the sounds of it, this feature is only available on mobile devices running iOS or Android. To get started setting goals, simply download the Calendar app to your respective mobile device today. 

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Google Calendar Can Now Assist With Planning Personal Goals

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