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Google Brings New Features to ‘App + Web’ Properties in Google Analytics

Google is upgrading the new App + Web property in Google Analytics, which allows users to measure multiple websites and apps.

App + Web properties were introduced this past July, and allow people to measure data across their app and website all in one place. It’s designed to help site owners better understand users’ journeys across the two platforms.

In addition to measuring multiple websites, other enhancements to App + Web properties include more custom analysis options and faster access to data. Here’s more on each of the new features.

Multiple Web Streams

App + Web properties now support up to 50 data streams across apps, websites, and web apps in a single property. Google notes that this includes Firebase web apps.

Site owners will be able to see metrics aggregated across all data streams, or apply filters to view a single set of data on its own.

More Custom Analysis Options

App + Web properties first launched with five options for cross-platform analysis. Google has added two more options:

  • Cohort analysis: Compare engagement between groups of similar users with more metric and dimension breakdowns.
  • User lifetime: Insight into the lifetime activity of a group of users, based on custom dimensions you choose.

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Automated & Custom Insights

Previously only available for web properties, automated and custom insights are now available for App + Web properties.

Automated insights use machine learning to identify key trends and anomalies in data, while custom insights allow you to tell Google Analytics which metrics you want to be notified about.

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Faster Access to Data

Those who use App + Web properties can now get get data they need faster by asking a question in the Google Analytics search bar. This is another feature that was previously only available for web properties.

Automated and custom insights, as well as instant answers from the search dropdown, are available in App + Web properties today in English and will soon be available in all languages supported by Google Analytics.

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Google Brings New Features to ‘App + Web’ Properties in Google Analytics

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