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Google Brings Google Lens Visual Search to its iOS App

Google Brings Google Lens Visual Search to its iOS App

Google Lens, a tool that allows users to search for information in photos, is now available in the flagship iOS app.

Google has been rolling out its visual search tool throughout the year. First in a dedicated app, then integrated with the Google Photos app.

Now it’s available where iOS users would naturally go to search for information–in the Google app.

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With this update Google Lens is also easier to use on iOS.

Instead of first taking a photo and then uploading it, the Google app will open up a live viewfinder after tapping the Lens button in the search bar.

With the subject in focus, tap the screen once more and the Google app will return information pulled from search results.

This works for objects and text, making it easy to translate text in other languages.

You can also use Lens to copy and store contact information, shop for similar-looking products, identify plants and animals, and scan barcodes.

On initial launch the app will walk you through various Lens capabilities, so you’ll know exactly what you can do with it.

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It appears that this update is rolling out gradually. Personally, I haven’t received it yet, so your mileage may vary.


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