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Google Answers Pressing Questions About Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Update

With the launch of Google’s mobile-friendly update fast approaching, it should come as no surprise that it’s hot on every webmasters mind.

Nowhere was this more evident than in a Google+ Webmaster Hangout this week, which was specifically dedicated to discussing the mobile-friendly algorithm.

Coming out of the Hangout, we now have more details about the upcoming algorithm update which should help clear up some of the questions you may have as well.

Full Rollout May Take Up to a Week

Contrary to what many were led to believe when the algorithm update was initially announced, the rollout will not be happening all at once. In fact, it may take up to a week for it to fully roll out.

So the key takeaway here is, monitor your traffic starting April 21st, but don’t become too alarmed right away because nothing is set in stone until the rollout is completed.

Your Site is Either Mobile-Friendly, or it’s Not

Mobile-friendliness is not ranked on a scale — your site is either mobile friendly, or it isn’t. Your site has to fully pass Google’s criteria in order to be considered mobile-friendly.

To see if your site passes Google’s mobile-friendly criteria, you can check using this testing tool. Alternatively, you can also use another method listed below.

Want to Be Sure Your Site is Mobile-Friendly? Google Yourself

Checking whether or not your site is mobile-friendly in Google’s eyes is as easy as searching for yourself, and this advice comes directly from the search giant.

Use your smartphone to look up your site in Google search. If you see the gray “mobile-friendly” label next to your site, then you’re good. If you don’t see that label then you have some work to do before April 21st.

Mistakes to Avoid When Going Mobile Friendly

In case you missed it, earlier this week Google published a list of top mistakes websites make when going mobile-friendly, and how to avoid them.

Be sure to check out this post for even more guidance on how to brace yourself for what’s shaping up to be one of the most significant updates in recent memory.

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Google Answers Pressing Questions About Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Update

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