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Google Announces “Things to Do” Free Listing & Ad Unit

Google has announced a new listing for attractions, tours, and activities. Learn what they are, what they look like & how to get started!

Google Ads

Google has announced new ad units designed to help folks find attractions, tours, and activities within the SERP.

What Are Things to Do Ads, Where Will They Show and What Do They Look Like?

Things to Do ads are delivered for queries about attractions, tickets, and queries seeking out tours and entertainment.

Not only will searchers receive basic information about the point of interest, they’ll also be delivered booking links for basic admission and other ticket options.

Advertisers can also promote additional details like pricing, images and reviews, which will be delivered at the top of the SERP.

Google noted that the new ad unit is in response to an increasing interest in travel, and to support the travel industry’s recovery.

The ad unit isn’t only for travelers, though, Google noted an increase in searches for activities close-to-home, including queries like “activities near me”. Queries for specific activities like “ziplining” and “aquariums” have grown globally by 280% and 115%, respectively.

What is the Cost to Participate?

Advertisers have the ability to promote their listings with ads but there is also a free option. Much like shopping ads, advertisers can showcase their inventory, including attraction admission tickets, tours, and activities on the SERP.

For advertisers that promote their listings with ads, they will only be charged when someone clicks the ad.

Early Indicators for Results

While Google hasn’t shared any data from Things to Do listings, they cited success in the free hotel booking links for both small and large partners – with one partner noting more than a $4.7M in additional revenue from free booking links. Google has been able to help hotels receive bookings at no additional cost, and their goal is that tour and attraction companies will find similar success.

How to Get Started

To learn more about Things to Do Ads, submit the partner interest form here.

Once approved, advertisers have the ability to integrate directly with Google, or through an established connectivity partner. Google encourages businesses to first consider connecting to Google with one of the connectivity partners, which are listed in the help section.


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Google Announces “Things to Do” Free Listing & Ad Unit

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