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Google Announces Google Analytics 4 & AdSense Integration

Google announces the integration of GA4 properties with AdSense accounts, a game-changer in the realm of monitoring website performance.

  • Google allows integrating Google Analytics 4 properties with AdSense accounts.
  • The integration can enhance the accuracy of ad interaction data.
  • Despite its advantages, you may encounter data discrepancies.

Google announced it’s enabling the integration of Google Analytics 4 (GA4) properties with AdSense accounts.

This update allows AdSense data to be available in GA4 reports and explorations, providing a more comprehensive view of website performance.

Connecting GA4 & AdSense

The merger of AdSense data with other website analytics, such as traffic sources and user behavior, provides a comprehensive understanding of website performance.

You can use this information to identify patterns and insights that can help optimize ad revenue.

The integration allows Analytics to automatically collect certain events like ad clicks, ad impressions, and ad queries.

Automatically collecting these events for each ad can increase the number of billable events for 360 properties, providing an accurate report of ad interactions.

This eliminates discrepancies previously seen with the integration between Universal Analytics and AdSense.

How To Do It

Follow the steps below to link an Analytics property to your AdSense account:

  • Sign in to your AdSense account.
  • Click Account > Access and authorization > Google Analytics integration.
  • Click +New Link.
  • Select the property that you want to link from the list.
  • Click Create link.

Your property is now linked to AdSense.

How It All Works

The GA4 and AdSense integration operates through key processes, including shared IDs, automatically collected events, and data joining.

For the integration to function, GA4 and AdSense tags communicate using shared IDs to match each ad impression with its corresponding GA4 event.

This inter-tag communication ensures the logged IDs are the same between GA4 and AdSense for a single event and its corresponding ad impression.

GA4 collects specific events automatically via the Google tag.

This integration uses the ad_impression and ad_click events to populate data in GA4. The ad_query event is used for data joining.

Moreover, GA4 joins its data with AdSense log files using shared IDs to match AdSense data with Analytics data.

The information and configuration settings, available when each event occurs, are utilized in this integration process.

Once the AdSense reporting integration is set up, the AdSense revenue data becomes available in the Explorations main menu in the GA4 property.

Dealing With Data Discrepancies

Despite the improved integration, there may be discrepancies between reports in the AdSense account and those in the AdSense section of Analytics.

These can be caused by iframes, security or other blocking software, new AdSense/Analytics integration, timezone settings, and missing Analytics data.

Ensure the Google tag is set up correctly on your website and allow up to 24 hours for data to appear in reports after linking your AdSense and Analytics accounts.

In Summary

The integration of GA4 and AdSense offers a wealth of data insights.

Despite the potential for optimizing website performance and ad revenue, be wary of limitations.

Approach this integration with an understanding of its benefits, drawbacks, and potential for data discrepancies.

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Google Announces Google Analytics 4 & AdSense Integration

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