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Google and Microsoft Getting Close

Google and Microsoft Getting Close

Microsoft partnering with Google? Well sort of, an article released yesterday details the relationship between the two, and the use of Google Deskbar in Microsoft’s Partner Pack for Windows, “a collection of Microsoft and third-party products released last week that Microsoft describes on its Web site as “the ultimate application package” for a Windows XP PC.”

Interesting that these companies can partner with Microsoft’s large Windows group while at the same time remain a rival to MSN. Unfortunately the article doesn’t mention exactly why, but Joe Wilcox at Jupiter Research says “MSN Search folks may be in hot competition with Google, for the Windows platform but Google is a valuable partner”.

Any hopes of the two working together with Windows further? Possibly, and it is probably a good thing. Collaboration is still ongoing between the two, as for how close, we may not know.

Another blurb released today mentioned that Google has opened a new office in Kirkland Washington, incidentially right next door to Microsoft’s Redmond Headquarters. Google hiring more Microsoft employees? Maybe.

Guest Columnist Benjamin Pfeiffer is Associate Editor of Search Engine Roundtable & SEO Chat Forums Moderator.

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Google and Microsoft Getting Close

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