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Google is Among the Most Trusted Tech Companies [SURVEY]

Compared to other tech companies, research from The Verge shows that Google is among the most trusted. Google ranks just below Amazon in terms of consumer trust.

That’s saying something because people trust Amazon almost as much as their own bank, according to the survey data.

On the other end of the spectrum, Facebook and Twitter are virtually tied in terms of how many survey respondents “greatly distrust” the two companies.

Google Has Passionate Users

In addition to being among the most trusted, Google is also one of the top tech companies to instil the most passion in its users.

A majority of survey respondents indicate they “greatly like” using Google’s products and services, and “would care very much” if the company disappeared tomorrow.

Research from The Verge, in conjunction with Reticle Research, shows that people generally feel Google has a positive impact on society.

Google vs Facebook

As part of its research, The Verge ran a poll directly comparing how people feel about Google and Facebook in several key areas.

A majority of survey respondents think:

  • The two companies are equally effective at communicating their privacy policies
  • Google is better at helping people manage their lives
  • Both companies do about the same job at controlling what advertisers can access
  • Both companies are generally good at letting users control their location info
  • Google is better at providing useful services
  • Facebook is better at helping people connect with friends and family

Do you agree with The Verge’s findings? How would you have responded to these survey questions? Let us know on any of our social channels.

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Google is Among the Most Trusted Tech Companies [SURVEY]

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