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Google AdWords To Refresh Certain Data Sets More Frequently

Google AdWords To Refresh Certain Data Sets More Frequently

AdWords Product Manger, Jon Diorio, announced on Google+ today that more frequent updates are coming to certain sets of data. Specifically, search terms, geographic performance and automatic placement stats, are now going to be updated every 6 hours.

While most sets of data, such as clicks, conversions and impressions, are available within 3 hours time, other sets of data were only updated once a day.

Search terms, geographic performance and automatic placement stats used to be among the data sets that marketers would have to wait some time before being able to see the results. Now you’ll have access to this data in as little as 6 hours of launching a campaign, with updates to be made within 6 hours thereafter.

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This change is certainly an improvement, but there are still some sets of data that will only be updated once a day. This includes impression share, auction insights, and top movers.

As for conversion data from Google Analytics, no change has been made there. Goals from Analytics are imported daily, and may take 24-72 hours to be reflected in your conversion statistics.

For more information on how Google AdWords data is update, see this Google Help Center article.

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