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Google AdWords Testing Twitter Display Ads

Interesting news on the integration of Twitter feeds into Google AdWords ads, as ClickZ’s Douglas Quenqua has the scoop on a new secret project where a Twitter bird will be shown on some Google Ads along with the latest company Tweets. The implementation of feeds into Google advertising is nothing new, as the company currently allows for the integration of shopping feeds into Google AdWords to show the most relevant product selections to search queries, but the Twitter integration should add a much needed personal touch to the world of Google Advertising.

The layout of the ads is simple: The familiar Twitter bird is in the left-hand corner, and the advertiser’s latest tweet is featured in a box centered in the unit. A button to the right reads “Follow on Twitter,” allowing users to become a follower of the advertiser without leaving the page.

The ads are linked to the client’s Twitter account, allowing it to always dynamically insert every tweet. Clicking on any part of the ad other than the “Follow on Twitter” button takes the user to the advertiser’s Twitter page. The ads are appearing on sites in the Google content network.

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Google AdWords Testing Twitter Display Ads

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