Google to Provide 24-Hour AdWords Support Throughout the Work Week

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Google to Provide 24-Hour AdWords Support Throughout the Work Week

Google’s AdWords team announced they will now be offering 24-hour support on social media from Monday to Friday. Questions will be answered in English on Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and YouTube.

Based on the back and forth communication on Twitter thus far, the team is quick to respond to questions, usually replying within a few hours. Here is just one of many examples of Ian from the AdWords team helping a customer on Twitter:

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The one drawback of this kind of support is that the team is limited to 140 characters on Twitter, which means responses have to be sent via direct messages. If other people have a similar question they’ll all have to ask it individually, compared to say a forum where all users can benefit from Google’s response. However, it seems like the AdWords team is more than happy to provide help when needed — even adding a bit of humor when appropriate.

Another avenue for receiving help directly from Google, with respect to advertising, is SEJ’s very own ‘Ask the AdSense Guy’ series of posts; featuring John Brown, Google’s Head of Publisher Policy Communications. Tweet your questions to @sejournal with the hashtag #AskTheAdSenseGuy, or submit questions via the contact form linked to above.

Every month John Brown will publish a post covering some of the more popular question’s he’s received of late. In his latest post, Brown offers his recommendations for mobile ads, and how to handle ad blockers.

Google has been taking steps to improve its transparency and communication, as demonstrated by these examples. It will be interesting to see what else Google has for SEOs and search marketers this year.

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