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Google AdWords Has Stricter Rules for Ticket Resellers

Google AdWords Has Stricter Rules for Ticket Resellers

Effective immediately, Google AdWords is implementing stricter rules for advertisers that resell event tickets.

New rules are being put in place because ticket resellers can be less than forthright when it comes to costs and fees. Resellers may also blur the lines to the point that it becomes unclear whether they’re officially associated with an event or venue.

A few bad actors can ruin it for all of the legitimate business is out there. In an effort to increase transparency amongst ticket resellers they are now required to be certified by Google. Ultimately, Google wants users to be more informed about the vendor reselling the tickets, and the total cost including associated fees.

Going forward, to become certified by Google a ticket reseller must:

  • Not imply they are the original ticket seller
  • Make it clear that they’re a reseller/secondary marketplace
  • Indicate that tickets may be sold above face value
  • Provide the original face value of the tickets
  • Provide a total breakdown of costs before the user enters payment information

This feels like a fair policy change that shouldn’t hinder any trustworthy ticket resellers. Everyone deserves to know exactly what they’re buying and who they’re buying it from, whether it’s event tickets or anything else. Google is dissuading advertisers from using dishonest and deceptive practices, which can only be a good thing for AdWords as a whole.


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