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Google AdWords Starter Edition

Google AdWords Starter Edition

Google AdWords Starter Edition’s Darren Rowse has a nice little write up on Google AdWords Starter Edition, for the novice advertiser – which is perfect for small business owners and as Darren points out, professional bloggers.

[Google] AdWords Starter Edition is a useful way to start out.

In essence it’s, as it’s name suggests, a simplified AdWords designed specifically for those just starting out.

It allows you to create a single ad compaign from a one page sign up form. It only allows Basic targetting (ie you can’t target specific sites) but it seems a reasonably simple way to get in and learn some of the basics.

To what may be the surprise of many in the Search Engine Marketing world, Darren’s readers agree:

“That’s good news. I know I was a bit overwhelmed when I first started using Adwords. It’s much easier once you grab the whole concept behind their system.”

So if bloggers of all people are overwhelmed by Google AdWords, what about the local merchants, contractors or clinics looking to set up a regionally targeted campaign on Google?

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Google AdWords Starter Edition

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