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Google Adwords Quality Score Gets a Revamp

Google is introducing some improvements on the way it gives Ad units a corresponding Quality Score. This improvements are follow-ups to the most recent changes that Adwords has introduced such as the guidelines on slow loading Ad Landing Pages.

These improvements specifically relates to calculation of Quality Score at the time of each search query, phasing out marking keywords with “inactive for search” and the replacement of “minimum bid” with “first page bid.”

To give users better ads, Google Adwords would now evaluate and determine an ad’s quality each time that ad matches a search query. This would Adwords more accurate, specific and up-to-date performance information to determine whether an ad should be displayed or not when a search matches its targeted search keywords. For advertisers, this would give them more high qualified ad leads.

In addition, keywords will no longer be marked as “inactive for search.” All keywords will have their chance to be displayed on Google search once a relevant search was conducted by the users.

Finally, Google Adwords would stop showing minimum bids and replaced it with a more appropriate phrase called “first page bids.” These refer to the estimate of a bid it would take before an advertisers’ ad gets to the first page Google search result.This is in response to feedback received by Google regarding the issue of first page bids.

These changes on Google Adwords’ quality scores will be different from one advertiser to another. While some may not see any chances on their ad serving, other may still see a noteable difference. But Google was quick to advise that the best way to avoid getting low quality score is to work on some site optimization strategies. And we couldn’t agree more to that.

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Google Adwords Quality Score Gets a Revamp

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