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Slow Loading Adwords’ Landing Page = Low Keywords Score

Google Adwords publisher who wants to have a low minimum CPC bids on their ads need to do something with the landing pages of their Adwords ads. Adwords has incorporated landing page load time in its keyword’s quality score. Hence, the slower an ad landing pages load, the lower the keyword’s quality score. And if you’re an Adwords publisher you’d understand that the lower the quality score of your ads’ keywords are, the higher it’s minimum bids will be. Minimum bids then affect your ads’ position in Google SERPs.

Adwords is pushing this system to enhance user experiences when clicking on Adwords’ ads.  Slow loading ads landing page tend to drive away users from Google’s site instead of facilitating ad conversion. Hence, it is a must that Adwords publisher ensures that their landing pages load as quickly as possible.

Publishers who want to improve on their Adwords landing pages should start looking into factors that affect the loading time of their ads landing pages. These factors include, multi-second meta references, slow redirects, multiple redirects, interstitial pages, slow server, large page size. Adwords conducts re-evaluation of ads landing pages so, improvements should be made on a regular basis as well.

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Slow Loading Adwords’ Landing Page = Low Keywords Score

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