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Google AdWords Has New Features to Help Drive Sales and Measure Results

Google AdWords Has New Features to Help Drive Sales and Measure Results

Google announced new AdWords features today at SMX which are all designed around two things: increasing sales and measuring results.

There’s new innovations for local advertisers, brick and mortar retailers, as well a new feature that all advertisers will be able to take advantage of.

Here is a rundown of everything that was announced.

Affiliate Location Extensions in More Places

Google is expanding affiliate location extensions to video campaigns on YouTube. Previously they were available for Search and Display campaigns.

Affiliate location extensions help brand manufacturers drive and measure foot traffic to nearby retail stores that sell their products.

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Google says adding affiliate location extensions to TrueView in-stream and bumper ads can increase clickthrough rate by over 15%.

Local Catalog Ads Available to All Advertisers

By the end of this month, Google will roll out its new local catalog ads to all advertisers.

Local catalog ads are display ads that help shoppers discover what is sold in a physical store, which may prompt shoppers to then visit the store in person.

Discover the Prices of Products from Other Retailers

Google will soon be rolling out a feature which will make it easier to see how other retailers are pricing their products.

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New price benchmarks in AdWords reporting will be available soon to show shopping advertisers what other retailers are charging for the same products.

Advertisers can use these pricing insights to inform their bidding strategy when promoting price-competitive products, or to troubleshoot performance drops due to competitors’ pricing.

Look for each of these new AdWords features to be available soon.


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