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Google to Advertisers: Get Your Mobile Landing Pages Ready

Google is giving notice to AdWords advertisers that AMP landing pages are on the way in two weeks.

AMP landing pages for AdWords were first introduced this past year, at which time Google also gave users the option to test the ads in a beta program.

In two weeks, all AdWords advertisers around the world will be able to use AMP pages as their landing pages.

This gives advertisers the opportunity to create a seamless browsing experience for their potential customers.

For the most part, Google’s search ads are powered by AMP by default. Now these fast-loading ads can lead to equally fast-loading pages.

Going from an AMP ad to an AMP page means not having to wait for anything to load. No speed bumps in the browsing experience.

Speed is what matters, Google says. Conversions fall by 20% for each additional second it takes for a website to load.

”By directing your search ad clicks to AMP landing pages, you can create the super-fast and delightful mobile experience that consumers expect.”

Let’s also not forget that ad rank and pricing are determined by factors like landing page experience. Keeping visitors happy with a fast landing page is one other way to improve you landing page experience.

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Google to Advertisers: Get Your Mobile Landing Pages Ready

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