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Google Advertisers Can Soon Retarget Searchers With YouTube Ads

Google Advertisers Can Soon Retarget Searchers With YouTube Ads

Google advertisers will soon be able to reach YouTube viewers who have previously searched for related products and services.

For example, if a person recently searched for “best wireless headphones,” they may then be shown ads from headphone manufacturers the next time they visit YouTube.

Google is calling this ‘custom intent audiences.’ To be eligible to display ads to custom intent audiences, all an advertiser has to do is create a keyword list for their video campaign.

For best results, Google recommends combining custom intent audiences with TrueView for action which is a direct response video ad format. What’s unique about TrueView for action is that it allows advertisers to customize a call-to-action in their video ads.

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Other Updates

In addition to custom intent audiences, Google AdWords will soon be rolling out several smaller updates.

  • Within the next few weeks advertisers will have the ability to leave annotations on performance graphs.
  • A rebuilt ‘Opportunities’ page will direct advertisers to the most actionable fixes for their accounts.
  • 16 news types of recommendations will be added to the ‘Recommendations’ page.
  • Advertisers will be able to view their performance score.

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