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Google Ads Lets Users Make Campaign Changes from ‘Overview’ Page

An update to Google Ads now allows users to make changes to their campaigns directly from the Overview page.

The Overview page shows users a top-level view of their account and campaign performance.

Previously, it simply informed users of changes they might want to consider making to their account.

Now users can implement those changes without having to leave the Overview page.

Changes that can be made from the Overview page include:

  • Pause or unpause campaigns, ad groups, and keywords
  • Edit campaign budgets
  • Edit keyword and ad group bids
  • Edit ad copy
  • Exclude irrelevant search terms by adding negative keywords right within the “searches” card

“For example, let’s say you want to drive more traffic from searches on a particular keyword. You can click into that term, click “Edit Keyword” and edit the bid right from the Overview page.”

This change was quietly rolled out on August 17th. Google recently announced the change on Twitter to make people more aware of it.

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Google Ads Lets Users Make Campaign Changes from ‘Overview’ Page

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