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Google Ads Lets Users Enable Call Reporting at the Account Level

Google Ads Lets Users Enable Call Reporting at the Account Level

An update to Google Ads will allow advertisers to enable call reporting at the account level.

Previously, call reporting had to be enabled individually for each call extension and call-only ad.

That made it challenging for advertisers with multiple call-only ads and ad extensions to ensure reporting was set up for everything.

With this update advertisers can use a toggle to easily enable call reporting across their entire account.

This will eliminate the possibility of having any call extensions or call-only ads without reporting enabled.

However, this is an optional feature which is not turned on by default. So advertisers who only want to enable call reporting for certain ads or ad extensions can still do that.

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With that said, be advised that it won’t be possible to switch back and forth. Once account-level call reporting is enabled for the whole account then settings cannot be reverted back to the way they were before.

After enabling account-level call reporting advertisers can either turn it off completely or keep it enabled across their account.

The ability to add reporting on a per-extension and per-ad basis will no longer be available after it has been turned on at the account level.

Account-level call reporting will be rolled out to advertisers over the next few weeks.

Call reporting measures conversions and other details about those calls such as duration, start/end time, and caller area code.

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