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Google Adds Shareable GIFs to Image Search Results

Google now has a “Share GIFs” section in image search results that lets users immediately share GIFs to different apps.

This feature is powered by Google’s own GIF search engine, which has grown considerably since acquiring Tenor last year.

According to Google, search interest in GIFs has nearly tripled in recent years:

“GIFs have become an essential part of communicating with friends and family. Whether we’re texting, emailing, or posting online, we’re always on the hunt for that perfect GIF. In fact, over the past five years, GIF search interest on Google Images has nearly tripled, as people search for the GIF that speaks most to them.”

GIFs in Google’s search index are made available by content creators from streaming services, movie studios, and YouTube.

Can’t find the right GIF to capture the moment? Adding new ones is easy.

Any content provider, GIF creator, or GIF platform can submit GIFs to the new section on Google Images by uploading GIFs to

GIFs are ranked in the “Share GIFs” section based on how likely they are to be shared.

Google says this feature is available today on the Google app for iOS and Android. I have yet to see it on my iPhone at the time of this writing.

Eventually, shareable GIFs from Google will be available in more browsers on more platforms.

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Google Adds Shareable GIFs to Image Search Results

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