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Google Adding Image Ads to AdWords

Google, the monster of both Internet search and search engine advertising, is adding something to their AdWords system that not many expected – banners, or image advertisements. According to the Google AdWords site, it is not clear as to where the ads will be shown, however, it seems that they will be integrated into the AdSense contextual advertising system. From Google: Google image ads are matched to a webpage’s content by the same proven targeting technology that drives AdWords text ads. Because of this targeting, image ads are highly pertinent to the interests of a person browsing a particular content site.

Google answers the following questions at the Adwords Helpdesk:

Will Google Image Ads be shown on Google?

At this time, we won’t show image ads on Google. The initial launch of image ads is focused on sites already showing graphical ads. Because Google image ads are targeted specifically to a page’s content, advertisers showing ads on these sites would realize the greatest benefit. (Please note that a content site publisher must opt in to the image ads program before your image ads may appear on his or her site.)

How does Google decide whether to show a text or image ad?

If your image ad is more relevant, it will appear. If not, your text ad may appear in its place. This targeting model ensures you’re reaching your prospects with the most effective ads. (Please note that a content site publisher must opt in to the image ads program before your image ads may appear on his or her site.) If you’d like to make sure all of your ads are as compelling as possible, you can review our optimization tips, learn how to refine your daily budget and keyword lists, and improve your overall advertising presence.

Why is Google offering image ads?

Google is simply combining images–which attract considerable attention–with our proven AdWords targeting technology. Because of this, we can offer advertisers yet another highly efficient way to reach the right customers. In addition, we can improve the variety, quality, and relevance of ads a user sees.

As more news comes about on Google AdWords Image Ads, the Search Engine Journal will report. If you hear of any new Google AdWords news, or would like to comment on Google integrating banners into their AdWords/AdSense ads, please do so below.

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Google Adding Image Ads to AdWords

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