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Google Acquisitions : Papers, Employees & Patents

Google Acquisitions : Papers, Employees & Patents

Google Acquisitions : Papers, Employees & Patents

Bill Slawski of and Cre8asite Forums (you know, the guy with 10,000 forum responses and who’s always digging around search patents), recently too the time to look into some of the companies which Google has acquired, their employees, and papers published by the companies on what it is exactly that these companies do. Bill has compiled all of this info together in a nice little post on SEO by the SEA entitled : Google Acquisitions.

With all of the recent acquisitions by Yahoo! and Google, I decided to take a closer look at some of the companies that Google has purchased. I’m glad I did. I came across a couple of papers I hadn’t seen before, and learned a little more about some of Google’s employees that I didn’t know.

Some of the companies which Bill has listed are ones which the search engine industry is quite familiar with; including Urchin, Sprinks (blast from the past there) and Keyhole. What makes Bill’s latest post a gem however is the info and patent apps he has gathered from some of the under the radar Google acquisitions like Where 2 Technologies, Ignite Logic, Android and Dodgeball.

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