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Google Acquiring Twitter for More Than $250 Million Valuation?

Google Acquiring Twitter for More Than $250 Million Valuation?

Either Google is acquiring Twitter this week or Michael Arrington is desperate for traffic and stirring up rumors. I think that given the buzz around the Twitter Google news, the former is in the making. Arrington posts on TechCrunch that two trusted sources have confirmed that Google and Twitter are in talks for Twitter to be acquired by the search and communications company.

If this is accurate, it’s a brilliant deal for Google – the value of Twitter is only going to go up over time. And it will be Twitter founders Evan Williams and Biz Stone’s second sale to Google – they sold Blogger to them just five years ago. But there’s one big question – where’s Microsoft in all this? Letting Twitter go to Google only hurts them, badly, in the long term search game. This is an asset they need to be competing for aggressively.

Of course, there are sound connections between Stone, Williams and Google, as the same team behing Twitter launched and sold Blogger to Google close to 5 years ago. I was under the opinon however that another Google acquisition of a Stone Williams property was never to happen again. We’ll have updates on this rumor throughout that day.


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