Google’s +1 is No Facebook “Like”

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With the release of Google’s new +1 feature, it is clear that Google is working hard to oust Facebook from their social throne. As a search marketer, I think the new feature is pretty great. Eventually AdWords advertisers will be able to get statistics on what ads have the most +1’s and Google Webmaster Central will report +1 stats for organic listings.

In addition, I’m sure the number of +1’s a piece of content receives will somehow factor into how well it performs organically. This move from Google perfectly reinforces Rand Fishkin’s recent SearchFest presentation on The Future of Great Links (aka social signals are the new wave ranking elements).

But as a user however, I’m just not sure I’m into it.

For starters, I hate the name. It’s hard to integrate into daily lingo and I think it will be some time before it is adapted as universal. In addition, I don’t like the look of the button. It’s ugly and clunky and makes Google look lame compared to how slick the Facebook Like button integrates.

Google +1

It’s also difficult to wrap my brain around the idea that I’m sharing this information with my network of friends. What friends? My Google friends? I hardly consider my gmail contact list my friend list. Sorry, but my friends are on Facebook.

So is this the next big thing for Google or is it just the next Google Buzz?

Rachel Freeman

Rachel Freeman

Rachel Freeman works for the Jive Software, the pioneer and leading provider of social business solutions. She has expertise in all aspects of search engine marketing and specializes in SEO and paid search for the B2B sector. Freeman has been responsible for the development and execution of countless search and social marketing campaigns over her years in the search marketing industry.
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  • techego

    Im going to have to disagree with you. I rather like the button, its as if google has incorporated super mario bros in their search results. If your good at the game you collect a bunch of ‘1-ups’. If you suck, however, your forced to pass the remote to your competition.

  • homeowner

    I think it works in Google’s favor not to use a button that looks too much like its competitor otherwise people would perceive it as a lousy gimmick. I do agree with you though about the sharing with Google contacts list, and I think that is ultimately where the system lags, mainly as it is reliant upon Google’s popularity as a social network which takes us back to square one again because we all know who’s the champ in that arena.

  • Zippy Cart

    This is tricky. It’s clear that Google feels the need/needs to have a way to let actual humans interact with and affect search results. For too long Google’s search has been “top down,” with no way for anyone in the wider world to say: “This, not that.”
    That said, I think that this whole “Facebook friends vs. Gmail address book” thing is true enough, but not for everyone. I have a Facebook account (obligatory), but it’s mainly for keeping casual track of the wider view of my social life. For real communication I still lean on e-mail. Maybe this is an old fashioned view of things, I just find Facebook strangely LESS personal.
    Like almost everything in Google’s recent spate of efforts, it’s going to take a while for us to see how this shakes out.

  • Facebook App

    Google has started the another social networking war with Facebook like button.Google new button is not much attractive for users.I think it doesn’t work.

  • HP_laser_toner

    I think Google is already incorporating “social signals” in ranking.

  • rebo7

     I personally think the Facebook features are still currently better.